Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why are Permits required before projects work?

Permits are required before work is started in order to give the inspection personnel an opportunity to review the plans and correct any inconsistencies with the city codes before the work is started. Correcting errors after the work is completed is much more costly then correcting them on the proposed plans. To apply for a permit, please visit the Applications & Forms page.

2.Why are City Codes Necessary?

Governmental regulation of building construction, maintenance and use is a natural consequence arising from centuries of experience in all civilized lands, of tragedies brought about by fire, collapse and panic. Read more about codes compliance benefits on our Code Enforcement page.

3.Why are inspections necessary?

The inspection of work regulated by the codes is necessary to give the city an opportunity to assure that the work, when completed:

  • Is built according to the plans approved when the permit application was made.
  • Utilizes materials and equipment of approved quality.
  • Meets minimum acceptable standards of construction.