Personal Responsibility Encouraged to Combat COVID

Working with partners to address the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in City limits, The City of Jacksonville has provided a statement encouraging personal responsibility to prevent further spread:

  • The City of Jacksonville’s first priority is to the health and safety of our residents, and City officials are working with our State and County partners to address the recent increase in COVID-19 cases within the City limits. Part of the reality of opening up our State as ordered by Governor Abbott in late April, is that COVID-19 cases would increase as community spread and testing increases. The total number of cases in City limits is still less than 1% of our population. The City of Jacksonville would like to remind our community to stay vigilant about COVID-19, and to follow the recommended CDC guidelines. By taking personal responsibility to do your part, our citizens will minimize the potential of spread in our community; Helping to keep our businesses open, protect our most vulnerable, and keep our community safe.

“It is imperative that our residents remain vigilant and continue to do their part.” Says, Emergency Management Coordinator Keith Fortner, who says that you can do your part by following CDC guidelines.

“I think now it is paramount that our citizens continue to take personal responsibility to minimize the risk of spread in our community.” Says, Mayor Randy Gorham. “We would much rather control the spread by each of us living responsibly, helping to keep our residents safe and our businesses open.”