Print By Xerox Instructions

Insert your document as an attachment in an email, send it to

Xerox will send an email back to you stating your documents were accepted. 

You will receive a second email stating “your email address has been registered” and your password will be issued in this email. They will only issue 1 password per email address.  

You go to the Xerox and put your money in the Kiosk.

Select the @PrintbyXerox option. 

Select login and enter the User ID which is your email address you sent your document from. 

Then enter the password Xerox issued. 

Check the document you want printed and set the print settings; full color (.75) or black and white (.25); go to media size and make sure it is: Letter 8.5” X 11”.

Select Print at the top left corner of the touch screen.  This will download your document/documents to the Xerox machine. 

Once your download is completed hit the home button on the right. 

Go to Jobs.  You should see your email address on the touch screen, which is how you will identify your print jobs from other print jobs at the Xerox machine.   Select your print job by touching the printer icon on the touch screen beside your email address and then print.