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 The Jacksonville Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided through the Jacksonville Fire Department charges can be up to $1,500.00.  EMS bills are classified under five categories depending on the patient’s condition, and categorical billing is applied.

The City of Jacksonville offers an alternative program for those interested in managing their costs with more certainty.  Citizens can subscribe to an Ambulance Subscription Program.  For $8.00 a month added to your city utility bill, subscribers are entitled to three (3) EMERGENCY transports per year without any out-of-pocket expenses.  However, insurance companies will be billed.  This is known as balance billing, and means the patient’s insurance will be billed, and the remaining costs after insurance is applied is eliminated.  This program is only available to residents of the City of Jacksonville.  The residents may start and cancel this service in writing at any time.  The City of Jacksonville reserves the right to terminate an existing membership for any reason by giving 30 days’ written notice to the subscriber. 


 1.  When does the subscription cover ambulance services?

 If you call 911 for emergency medical services inside the city limits, the subscription covers the ambulance service.

2.  How many times can I call 911 and expect the subscription to cover the costs?

 The subscriber is allotted up to three (3) 911 emergencies in a one year time period.

3.  If I have been transported to a local hospital, and the local hospital decides to transport me to a higher level of care facility, will I be covered under the subscription?

 This transport for higher level of care will be covered under the subscription under two circumstances.  If you have not reached the three-limit emergency allotment, and it is a CITY OF JACKSONVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT AMBULANCE that transports you, it will be covered.  .  The Jacksonville Fire Department reserves the right to deny any transports from a Jacksonville Medical Facility to any other facility based on staffing, call volume and medical needs. The local medical facilities have the right to call any provider to transport you to a more appropriate facility, and this will NOT be covered.

4.  When am I not covered by the Ambulance Subscription?

 If you are in need of a transport for higher level of care from a local hospital to an out-of-town hospital, and the City of Jacksonville Fire Department Ambulance is unavailable to provide this transportation, and another agency provides transportation, the subscription WILL NOT cover the subscriber.

The subscriber WILL NOT be covered if they have exceeded the three (3) annual allotment for Jacksonville Fire Department ambulance transportations. 

The subscription WILL NOT cover transports from a medical facility back to a residence or back to any care facility where the individual may receive care or treatment. 

The Ambulance Subscription Program DOES NOT cover any medical air transportation.

5.  If a subscriber of the program calls 911, and the Jacksonville Fire Department ambulance does not respond, but another ambulance agency does, is the subscriber covered?

 If the subscriber has not exceeded the annual three (3) allotment, yes, it is covered.  However, the subscriber will receive a bill from the agency that provided the service to them, and it is the responsibility of the patient to submit the bill to the Jacksonville Fire Department for payment processing.

6.  Who does the subscription cover?

 The subscription covers all immediate family members living at the address provided on the registration form that is located within the corporate city limits of Jacksonville. No one living outside the City of Jacksonville corporate city limits can be covered.  The immediate family members covered are spouses and children living at the same residence.

To sign up for the Ambulance Subscription Program, citizens may register on the City of Jacksonville Website, or sign up at the utility billing office.


Please print this form and bring it to the Customer Services Center.