Mayor & City Council

City Council Group Photo Indoor 1

Pictured left to right are Mindy Gellock, District 2; Letitia Horace, District 1; Randy Gorham, Mayor; Tim McRae, District 3/Mayor Pro Tem; and Rob Gowin, District 4.


The City holds an election for council members 2 out of every 3 years. In year one, the Mayor, Council District 1, and Council District 3 are up for election, in year two, Council District 2 and Council District 4 are up for election, in year 3, there is no election, then the cycle begins again.

  • 2024 Elections: District 2 and District 4.
  • 2025 Elections: No Council positions up for election.
  • 2026 Election: Mayor, District 1, and District 3.

Term Limits

City Council members may serve for a maximum of 3, 3-year terms. 


The City Council is the legislative body of the City with a role to adopt laws, policies, and a budget. The City Council appoints a city manager to implement policies, provide city services, maintain the budget, and enforce the laws. The city manager maintains a staff to accomplish those directives. The City Council appoints municipal court judges to adjudicate citations filed by the Jacksonville Police Department and Jacksonville ISD violations and attendance infractions. Finally, they appoint a city attorney to represent the City in all legal matters and a city clerk to maintain the city's records and publish meeting agendas and minutes.


The Jacksonville City Council has two special titles, Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. The Mayor serves as the official spokesperson for the City Council and serves as the chairperson, conducting all meetings of the City Council. When the Mayor is not present or available, the Mayor Pro Tem serves as the chairperson and spokesperson. The position of Mayor Pro Tem is held by one of the four district councilmembers and is elected by a majority vote of the City Council at the meeting following the election or reelection of the Mayor.