Information Technology & GIS

Information Technology (IT)

IT is responsible for the maintenance of systems and information that is stored and used electronically by the City of Jacksonville. This department oversees cost control, technology advances, improved decision making and more stable methods of storing and securing City IT Assets.


  • Monitor systems and ensure functionality of City IT resources.
  • Stay informed of current and potential threats to the infrastructure.
  • Create informational guidelines for all City Departments.
  • Maintain all IT related equipment for the City.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a program where information of a geographic nature is stored and used electronically. The City of Jacksonville is in the process of digitizing all its maps and other information, including waterlines, street, properties, historical markers, etc. The benefits of this program are many-fold, from simple location and inventory of fire hydrants, to improved decision making and more accurate public information.


  • Assign 911 Addresses within the City Limits.
  • Assign New Addresses and Change of Address within the City Limits.
  • Create informational Maps for all City Departments.
  • Maintain all the GIS Map data for the City.