Planning and Zoning Information

City Council & Zoning

Proposal Recommended for Approval

Every Proposal which is recommended favorable by the City Planning and Zoning Commission shall be forwarded to the council for setting and holding of public hearing thereon. No change, however, shall become effective until after the adoption of an ordinance for same and its publication as required by law.

Proposal Recommended for Denial

When the City Planning and Zoning Commission determines that a proposal should be denied, it shall so report and recommend to the council and notify the applicant.The City and Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council may deny any request with prejudice. If a request has been denied with prejudice, the request may not be resubmitted to the City Council for one (1) year from the original date of denial.

Three-Fourths Vote

A favorable vote of three-fourths (3/4) of all members of the City Council shall be required to approve any change in zoning when written objections are received which comply with the provision of the state laws commonly referred to as the "20% rule." If a protest against such proposed amendment, supplement or change has been filed with the City Secretary, duly signed and acknowledged by the owners of 20% or more, either of the area of the lots included in such a proposed change or those immediately adjacent to the area thereof extending two hundred (200) feet from the street frontage of such opposite lots, such amendments shall not become effective except by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the City Council.

Planning & Zoning Recommendations

Plumbing & Electrical Work

When new construction, remodeling or additions involve plumbing or electrical systems, validations for plumbing or electrical work must be obtained in addition to the Building permit. Technical jobs require licensed contractors. Although the individual actually doing the work is required to make application for a permit, the owner is always responsible for making sure that a permit is obtained. Our city ordinance requires that all electrical and plumbing work be done by individuals that are licensed by the City of Jacksonville or the State of Texas.

Self Plumbing & Electrical Work

While we recommend that all plumbing work be done by a licensed trades persons, the law permits the owner-occupant to do their own plumbing and electrical work if their property is their homestead. Caution should be used when embarking on any major plumbing or electrical undertaking. Make sure you know what you are doing before you start. Contact us if you need help or have any questions and of course an inspection is still required for additions to any existing or new plumbing or electrical work. Required inspections are not to give us an opportunity to find fault with your work, but rather to assure that the work when completed is safe.


There are certain other projects that require permits before being undertaken. Some of these projects are:

  • Canopies
  • Carports
  • Certain Patio Covers
  • Certain Utility Storage Buildings
  • Signs
  • Swimming Pools
  • Underground Lawn Sprinkler Systems

To determine that any project is done legally and meets all city code requirements, contact the Building Inspection Department before beginning.

Zoning Districts

The following is the list of Zoning Districts:

  • - Single Family Dwelling District:
    • A-1 - Single Family Dwelling District
    • A-2 - Single Family Dwelling District
    • A-3 - Single Family Dwelling District
    • A-4 - Single Family Dwelling Residential Attached (Townhouse) District
    • A-5 - Single Family Dwelling Residential Attached (Townhouse) District
  • B- One and Two Family Dwelling District
    • B-MH1 - Mobile Home Single Units
    • B-MH2 - Mobile Homes District
  • C - Multi-Family (Low Density) Dwelling District
  • D - Multi-Family (High Density) Dwelling District
  • E - Multi-Family (High Density) Dwelling District
  • F - Local Retail District
  • G - Commercial District
  • H - Central Business District
  • - Wholesale, Warehouse and Manufacturing District
  • K - Industrial District
  • L - Light Manufacturing District
  • M - Heavy Manufacturing District
  • O - Agriculture Open Space District
  • P - Planned Development District