Neighborhood Watch Program

About Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program where neighbors, "Look out for each other!" It's a crime prevention program that encourages neighborhood participants to get to know each other and their routines so that any out of place activity can be observed, recognized as what it is, reported and investigated.

  • Citizens being aware of, and knowing how to recognize and report, suspicious activities in their neighborhood;
  • Implementation of crime prevention techniques, such as Home Security, Operation Identification and others.
  • An essential part of a neighborhood watch program is maintaining a relationship with the local police department. If you are starting a new group they can help you get going.
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How it Works

Police departments work with local groups in a number of ways. The crime prevention officer will be the liaison to the public. He/She will be your conduits for relaying community issues and concerns to the police in the area and provide neighborhood watch tips.

If a member of the crime watch observes suspicious persons or activity they can alert local law enforcement. Ask for their help in organizing local community events, self-defense classes and other helpful seminars.

Relationship with the Police Department

Another important service they may be able to provide is web-based. See if they can provide useful tips and content for a neighborhood crime watch website. This can have information on both your group and the local police department aimed at educating and informing people of what is happening in the community.

Getting a police officer to attend your meetings is a good way of showing people that the group is serious about safeguarding the community. It also creates a more constructive relationship with the police department and increases the effectiveness of your efforts.