Print By Xerox Instructions

Using your personal email,insert the document you want to print as an attachment and send it to 

Xerox will send an email back to you, giving you a password and stating the documents you submitted were accepted. 

Your email is your user ID and a password will be issued in this email. Save it! They will not issue another one. 

Once you get to the library Xerox machine select the printbyxerox option. Select Login and enter your email address and the password that Xerox sent.

This will open to a new screen that shows your documents, now you can select your options like color and number of prints.

Select print at the bottom left corner of the screen and then it will download to the machine. Once the documents are downloaded, exit and select Job Status (circle button to the left of the touch screen).

Select your email address on the touch screen, insert money in the kiosk behind copier. Machine accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and up to twenty dollar bills.

 It only returns change in coins.