Just the Facts

Dispelling Myths and Rumors

Two-way communication is critical for our residents and staff. City of Jacksonville realizes that one of the primary sources of information in our community is the local “rumor mill". Often times, even when well-intentioned, misinformation is prevalent and therefore City of Jacksonville desires a way to help stakeholders track down accurate and timely information. Therefore, we added a new page to our website. The purpose of the JUST THE FACTS page is to address such inaccuracies and provide the Jacksonville community with accurate, factual information as it pertains to City of Jacksonville.


City Responses

  • Changes to Co-Op Utility Customers Water Rates 

    • In September, 2019 some co-op utilities customers received a letter from an outside organization, informing them that their water rates will be increasing substantially.
    • Please click this link to read JUST THE FACTS.