AMI Water Meters

Please Enjoy this Video About the Installation of your New AMI Meters: 

AMI Customer Portal:

  • As part of the AMI process, the City is pleased to provide an online customer portal for all water meters. This access allows you to monitor meter activity, set vacation and/or continuous usage alerts, and monitor thresholds of usage.
  • To enroll, please click the below link which takes you to the customer portal. With the customer portal open, enter the requested account information. 
  • To assist you with enrollment and navigation of the customer portal, there is a step-by-step YouTube video available in a separate link below. If you have questions or require additional assistance, please call (903) 589-3510 to speak with a utilities billing representative.

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Questions and Answers: 

Where are the new digital water meters?

The City of Jacksonville is going to be installing AMI Digital Water Meters in replacement of the old water meters that are currently being used by the City.The new digital water meters provide customers with accurate real-time data on their water usage.  The digital water meters will help customers understand their individual water use by answering the question (how and when) they use their water.

Why are we getting new digital water meters?

The City Council approved in the December 2018 meeting, for the City to invest in new technology that will empower the customers with data that will give them control over their water usage.  The Digital Water Meters will allow customers to get updates and alerts, and detect leaks in order manage cost.  The Digital Water Meters have been proving to be effective and reliable for customers in area of water management.

How do the new digital water meters benefit me?

Digital Water Meters will allow customers to monitor their water usage more closely through the new customer web portal to manage and reduce costs associated with their water bills.  Some of the benefits of Digital Water Meters:

  • Tracking water usage and investigating possible leaks or continuous running water.
  • Accurate meter reading and customer data dealing with water usage provided in real-time.
  • Real-time meter reading provided to the customer in order for the customer to make decisions on water usage to help manage cost.
  • A better customer service experience, with a Customer Service Team that will help you with using the portal to access your bill, and guide you with explaining your bill and water usage to you.

How does the new technology work?

Digital water meter readings are encrypted and sent through an automated network, using a private radio frequency channel, from the digital water meter to the utility.

The meter data display looks similar to the numbers on a car odometer and has nine digits.  The digits on the meter represent the number of gallons consumed down to the 1/100th of a gallon.  The last two digits can be used as leak indicators to detect water flow through the meter.  For billing purposes, the meter is read to the tens position.

How can I access the data on my water usage?

You can access the data about your water usage through your customer web portal on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  All you need is to create a unique username (your email address) and password to have a secure account login.  Also,our Customer Support Team will be able to assist you in creating an account and understanding your water bill.

How is my billing affected during the transition?

During the months of March, April, and May your water bill will be an average of your December 2018 and January and February 2019 usage.  Your bill will be the same amount for the months of March, April, and May.  Beginning in June, the City will have four billing cycles that will correlate with the council district your home is located within.

What type of alerts can I setup?

  • Setup alerts to determine if you have any water loss or waste on your property.
  • Establish Billing Cycle Thresholds to setup additional alerts.
  • Daily Usage Alerts - Alerts you when you are using more than a given amount in a day.
  • Billing Cycle Usage Alerts - Alerts you when you are using more than a given amount in a billing cycle.
  • Vacation Alerts - Alerts when usage has occurred at your home when you are away.

Meters used in the City of Jacksonville

Ally Water Meter (one-fourth inch)3/4" Ally Water Meter

iPerl Water Meters (one-fourth and one inch)3/4" and 1" iPerl Water Meters

Sensus Omni R2 Water Meter

1 1/2" and above Sensus R2 Omni Water Meter