Planning & Zoning Commission

Meetings and Terms

Members meet on an as-needed basis, and are appointed by the City Council to three-year terms.


  • To determine upon and make recommendations to City Council of a City plan.
  • To make studies and project plans for the improvement of the City with a view to its future development and extension.
  • To act with other Municipal and Governmental agencies in formulating and executing common plans of development.
  • To select and recommend routes for streets and boulevards, and particularly to investigate and recommend the opening, widening or abandoning of streets, or changing thereof to conform with a system of boulevards, parks and parkways.
  • To consider and report upon layout or platting of new subdivisions to the City or territory adjacent to or near the City.
  • To recommend and plan for improving and beautifying the parkways and streams.
  • To cooperate with the City Council in its devising and selection of public parks, parkways, playgrounds and other places for public recreation.
  • To suggest plans for zoning the City.
  • To give consideration to, and file recommendations with the City Council for the development of the City's physical labor and appearance.
  • To make recommendations to the City Council on zone change requests, special use permits, and day-care exception.


Term Expires

Claude Armstrong01/01/24
Becky Pavletich01/01/24
Elaine McDonald01/01/25
Brenda Stahelin01/01/24
Andy Calcote01/01/25