The Sanitation Department is responsible for the pick-up of residential trash along with selective commercial trash. The city has 2 garbage trucks that run normal routes on:

  • Monday 
  • Tuesday 
  • Thursday
  • Friday 

On Wednesday the sanitation department completes the special pick-up list. For more information about the sanitation department, contact Billy Redd at 903-589-3510.

Special Pick Up

Besides normal trash pickup twice a week, Jacksonville citizens can also call for a special trash pickup. The City offers a special trash pickup every Wednesday (except for holidays). You can call the Customer Service Center at 903-586-3510 to have your name and address put on the list.

Items Not Accepted

Items the City will not accept are:

  • Appliances
  • Batteries
  • Chemicals
  • Liquid Paint
  • Tires

Special Pick Up Cost

First 10 garbage bags Free
More than 10 garbage bags $2.50 per bag after 10
Brush tied in a bundle in 3 feet lengths, weighing no more than 40 lbs
A pickup truck load of brush, junk, debris or miscellaneous Price starts at $45.00 per load

Payment Method

All charges will be placed on your water utility bill. You must have your trash on the curb or in the alley that morning for it to be picked up.

Royal Oaks Landfill Waste Service

You can also take garbage and other items to the Royal Oaks Landfill on Heath Lane. The landfill is a private company, and their prices are not handled by the City. For prices and questions about the landfill, you can call their office at 903-586-1449.

City Cleanup Days

The City also offers two free cleanup days, annually, where you can bring your items to be thrown away. On the cleanup days, the City has four locations where you can drop off your items, or you can take them to the Landfill. At the landfill, you need to provide proper ID (like a driver's license) and a current water bill in order to get a special deal on disposing those days. Check the City calendar for the next upcoming cleanup day.


For recycling information, please visit the Earth911 Website.