Curbside Pickup

  • The City's curbside pickup is contracted thru Republic Services. Please contact Republic Services for questions about curbside pickup, or to report missed trash. You may also use the City's 'Report a Concern' module at the link below. 

Yard Waste

  • The City's yard waste pickup program provides yard waste pickup on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month for free. The service includes up to ten (10) bags of leaves, grass clippings, etc. and two (2) bundles of limbs/sticks. The bundles must be tied up with twine and be no more than four (4) feet long.
  • Yard Waste pickup is by request only. You must schedule by the Monday before pickup day. You can email or call (903) 586-3510 to schedule. Please make sure you give your address and specifically request a Wednesday Yard Waste pickup. 
  • If trash is found mixed in with the yard waste, your yard waste will not be picked up and a fine may be assessed. 

Bulky Waste

  • Residents can choose to have bulky waste pickup once a month as part of their trash service with the City of Jacksonville. Bulky pickup is an extra $5 per-month fee on your water bill. You must call or email to request a bulky waste pickup: 
  • Bulky waste must be separated and apart from garbage, recyclables, trash bags, yard trimmings and brush. The maximum single pickup is 10 cubic-yards. (about six-foot max by length, width, and height)
  • Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air-conditioning units and other appliances must be free of CFCs/HCFCs chemicals. These items shall not be collected until the service unit has provided proof to the collector that CFCs/HCFCs have been removed from the appliance by a licensed technician.

Special Pickup

  • Residents that do not opt to have bulky waste as part of their service and cannot meet the weight and length requirements may request a special pickup. View Special Pickup Rates: Utility Rates
  • Please call or email to request a Special Pickup: